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Football Arithmecube Labels (two patches) Ship to customer

Price includes shipping cost, although "free shipping" is checked. To order more than two patches of labels, select from my other listings for multiple patches to save shipping costs. Two patches include twenty eight professionally created labels that are to be attached to sixteen 8mm cubes, as seen in this video:

They represent many basic elements of math; numbers 0-10, MT (Making Ten), D (Doubles), >, <, =, and the operational symbols for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

For each color per patch there will be one cube that will only have one label. The other six cubes are to be totally covered with two labels, either red or blue.

If it shows that I am sold out, please check back in a day or two. Under "quantity" I placed a number that I can ship in a timely fashion. I have thousands of label patches.

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